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Ready for the Reddies?

Posted by cypressoury on October 25, 2015 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Today, we’ll talk about our first mascot: the Henderson State University Reddies.


Henderson State is a college out of Arkadelphia, Arkansas in Division II of the NCAA. They are in the Great American Conference which consists of six other Arkansas schools. Their football team usually does very good and are, as of October 24th, the top team in their conference with a 7-1 record and are currently ranked #14 in the nation.


Henderson State’s number one rival resides in the same town as them: the Ouachita Baptist University Tigers. Their rivalry is known as the Battle of the Ravine.


Anyways, on to Henderson State’s mascot...while doing some research online about mascots I found this story on Henderson State University’s website about the Reddie mascot:


“Upon its establishment in 1905, the Henderson State football team became known for wearing red jerseys. Absent a traditional nickname or mascot, the team was appropriately dubbed the “Reds.” Eventually, the name shifted to “Reddies,” and it stuck. Being a Reddie is about much more than athletics, and involves a level of pride that could never fit into a silly, furry costume. In 1914, the Henderson State campus was ravaged by a fire. With nearly the entire campus destroyed, a group of Henderson students gathered under a tree with a decision to make — either transfer to other schools in the area, or rebuild Henderson. In the end, the choice was easy. They decided to rebuild Henderson, and at that moment, they redefined what a “Reddie” truly was. So, when someone asks you “What’s a Reddie?” you can tell them… it’s a spirit. It’s a belief. It’s an attitude. It’s a Henderson thing.”


I think I really like this story about a mascot. Start’s with their football jerseys and then, after a disaster at the school, it just becomes a spiritual thing for the students. Like the story said, “it’s a Henderson thing.”


Now, Henderson’s logo is interesting too. Originally, it was probably a simple “H”, which was most likely primarily used on their football jerseys. Eventually, the “H” was thickened and blocked, and “Reddies” was stretched from the bottom left corner to the top right corner in gray cursive lettering. And recently, the logo was modernized. No cursive lettering, more of a sharper look to can see HSU’s new logo on their athletics web page at


Recently, HSU escaped Southern Arkansas University at home with a 29-28 win. This improved the Reddies’ record to 7-1 and made the Muleriders fall to 5-2 on the season.


The 7-1 Reddies play the 0-8 Southern Nazarene University Storm on Halloween at 2:00pm in Arkadelphia. Look for a complete blowout that finds the Henderson State Reddies as the victors.


Because of the football team’s history with being good, the Reddie nickname is a good nickname. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans and sports analysts throw around phrases such as “are you ready for the Reddies?” or “we are Reddie to win!”


If they were to have an on-field mascot, I wonder what it would look like? It could honestly be anything...such as with the University of Alabama Crimson Tide having an on-field elephant mascot.


Henderson State has a great and unique mascot with an interesting history that reflects the students’ pride of the school and the school’s spirit.


Alright, that’s a wrap for today’s podcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the Henderson State Reddies. And to the Reddie fans, good luck with the game later this Saturday. Go HSU, beat SNU! Next week, I’ll talk about the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.


Two quick things before I wrap it up--if you want comments about the week’s mascot read on the show or questions answered, please send them in at [email protected] Due dates for mascot-based comments will be announced for each episode. If you want to discuss the Razorback mascot, please send in your comments & questions, please send those in by November 1st, 2015 at 12:00pm Central Standard Daylight Time, thanks.

Welcome to Masc'd Origins

Posted by cypressoury on October 12, 2015 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the Masc’d Origins!


Masc’d Origins is a new and unique podcast about college and school mascots. And as far as I know, there is not another podcast that talks about school mascots.


In the show, we’ll discuss the history/origin, as well as other fun facts of various mascots. Each episode will be about a different school’s mascot and will range from super unique to super common. I think that that would be a great way to get a full rounded taste of what and why schools chose the mascots that they do.


At some point with the podcast, I would like to have some listener interactivity. Maybe an opinion survey about the upcoming podcast’s mascot or even a monthly poll with which fans will decide who we talk about next. If you want to talk about the show on Social Media and want to tag it in the post, use this tag: #MascotPodcast [spell out after reading normally]. That’ll be another way to get some listener interactivity into the show.


Also, stay tuned to the website for more polls and even a blog about the mascots.


You can listen to the first episode of the podcast by clicking on the "Podcast" tab. Enjoy!